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Top tracks of 2017

How time flies by. We’re creeping into April and before we know it the summer season will be waiting upon us. 2017 has taken me by surprise, introducing the unpredictable and filling my days with congenial music. Thanks to my likeminded idols, I have channelled my motivational energy through 2017’s finest tracks so far…

  1. Gorillaz – Saturn Barz

After an interminable wait, the Gorillaz return with a bang. Teasing fans with a new age style of hip hop from their new album Humans releasing on 28th April, the band has proved this wait was worth waiting for. ‘Saturn Barz’ featuring Pop Caan has an urban twist, when combined with the eerie astrology tone to the track offers a contemporary bona fide sensation fans have been waiting for.

  1. Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4

This track is another example of why Kendrick is living proof of hip hop royalty. His words slip like silk, the effortless construed assonance slinks so patently to the ear. The mellow conception of the track meets at the optimal balance of melancholy and determination. The emotional texture is palpable, where he sheds light on controversial topics going on across the world. “The whole world gone mad/Bodies is addin’ up, market’s about to crash/” “Blacks that act white, whites that do the dab/Donald Trump is a chump”, but what Kendrick really hints at is the release date of his new album, “Y’all got til April the 7th to get y’all shit together”.

  1. Drake – No Long Talk

Making a name for himself in the American hip hop scene, Drake is an international hip hop legend. What makes More Life (2017) a ground breaking change to hip hop sound is the collaboration between UK rap and American hip hop, where Drake has recruited grime hero Giggs. ‘No Long Talk’ has a solid edge, a transformation from Drake’s usual softer take on hip hop. The track relates to British street culture, a track set to be big in the summer of 2017 for sure.

  1. Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Spoon has stayed true to their nature, carrying the traditional melodious indie rock from 1996 into 2017. They reside in a state of youth, and you can only feel simple bliss from the joys of an idealistic utopia performed by the soulful musicians. There is a stunning feature about Spoon which makes them artistically ripe. Perhaps it’s the indie boy charm that we take a shine to, the integral vocals full of character and vitality. Or maybe it’s the way Spoon pulls out a lost adolescent eager for the drive of opportunity, whatever it is, Spoon takes away the stress of the anxiety and sprinkles forms of hopes and dreams.

  1. TQD –Ghosts

TQD, a garage collective devoted to the underground dance scene. Royal T, Flava D and DJ Q release yet another phenomenal album, each track exceedingly better than the other. Featuring P Money, ‘Ghosts’ resurrects club culture and dives straight into the deep end with the up-beat electronic beat, harsh snares from the hectic percussion zaps,  and ultimately mutating garage music for the better. There is a close connection between the opposing genres which is the most promising feature of the track, and the undeniable reason as to why the track glides so well.

  1. FKJ – We Aint Feeling Time

FKJ sashays in with a romantic melody which leaves a melting, poignant mesmerisation. The mixture of amorous jazz and the smooth texture of his velvet vocals make the track a hazy adventure, creating a secluded bubble around FKJ and the listener. It is only when the track finishes, the pensive bubble bursts and we are thrown back into reality. There is a positive energy about FKJ, and what makes him so spectacular is the care-free ambience he entrusts in the illuminating music.

  1. Oddisee – Hold It Back

Oddisee has come a long way on his journey as a hip hop artist, and like many great musicians, he uses his talent to express realism behind his music. ‘Hold it Back’ showcases underlying issues of sexism, politics and money, creating a full frontal lock down between the listener and himself, as he delves into hard hitting issues we are all so familiar with. “I make more than my sister/Cause I was born as a mister/And I ain’t been to college, and she graduated honors”. Besides the courteous tone that flies with what the desolate melody facilitates, Oddisee redefines hip hop through the truth behind ‘Hold It Back’, and that’s what makes him highly a respectable artist.

  1. Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Maggie Rogers is a fresh take on the Laura Marling sound, making it sound cool and hip with her celestial vocals in an innovative fashion. Maggie makes a folk inspired melody sound trendy, and what is so spectacular about ‘Alaska’ is the matter of fact depth behind the lyrics she so oratorically articulates. The track embraces a warm sensibility and welcomes optimism which falls into play.

  1. Armand Van Helden – Funk Phenomena

Straight away we are launched into true Armand Van Helden style. Renowned for his ultimate party tunes, Helden reaches new heights with the ultimate raving track. Stepping away from his title as the disco King, Helden uses all resources to produce a formidable underground track for summer 2017. The track to pull you into the zone.

  1. The Martinez Brothers – Affection Defecit Disorder

This is the type of track as soon as it comes on at a festival the whole crowd will go wild and start raving in a buoyant aesthetic. Despite the instrumentals having a slowdown tempo energy, there is a number of chaotic rhythms interrupting each other throughout the track. Interestingly, this works well with the capricious vocals dipping in and out of the track. Once again, The Martinez Brothers delivers a disparate alternative to the underground scene.