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Five Things Successful Bands Do Differently

Five Things Successful Bands Do Differently

This is a piece I wrote for the wonderful music blog A&R Factory. Check out their website – it’s an awesome one!   The enrapturing aspect of music that is prodigiously appealing to its listeners is the individuality and unique talents that follow with the […]

Sampha – Process

Sampha – Process

A supporting act for The xx I See You tour, Sampha releases breath taking album Process. The album is embodied with emotional depth, bringing to surface the underlying issues of mental health, love and redemption.   Sampha Sisay, an electronic-R&B artist has always been a secret star within […]

Winter to Spring Fashion Transition

Winter to Spring Fashion Transition

It comes that time of the year where you find yourself in a fashion conundrum. It’s too cold to go coatless, but spring is loitering around the corner for you to go OTT on the layers. I find myself wondering, do I ditch the jumpers in exchange for a winter-friendly dress? Being a summer baby, I’m a victim to the cold. So any chance at dressing up for winter I jump at it.

February, the month of style and romance. Still set deep in winter, but with the rare sight of sun shedding light through the blooming trees. I’ve curated two winter-spring looks perfect for this time of the year, and as stylish as ever.








The electric blue faux fur strikingly speaks empowerment. Combined with a deep maroon leather skirt, the two reflect an ice queen resemblance. The faux fur embraces the winter element, and of course is super warm. Consigning the look with vibrant colour, a delicate fluffy bright red jumper paired with a traditional Burberry shirt gives the look the ultimate winter style. Not to mention, the doted matching navy leather bag and carefully detailed leather ankle boots.

I love this look so much because there is a fusion of dress down to dress up. The gorgeous shirt put together with a cosy jumper portrays a paramount winter feel, but the special addition of the leather skirt leaves me ready to hit the town.

Coat: Reiss

Shirt: Burberry

Jumper: Whistles

Skirt: Hobbs

Shoes: Ugg









The transition between winter and spring is troublesome to say the least. Shifting from season to season is demanding in itself, especially when you live in London! Yet, I find this look is the perfect in between. I’ve been waiting in anticipation to wear my beloved flares, and I’m so delighted they have come back into style. It’s way too cold to wear them dead in the winter, but this is the time where I can proudly whack them out. Cropped high waisted flares (of course) teamed with a large buckled belt, worn with long suede ankle boots sets the season transition. I’ve coordinated this look with an over-sized dazzling silver top slightly tucked into the jeans, and a long blazer style black coat. Top this look off with some simple jewellery and you’re all set.

This minimalist coat is one of my favourites. A steal from Zara which you can wear with absolutely anything, and it’s the right season to be able to wear comfortable without getting the shivers! I chose silver to reflect against the dark colours, still remaining within the winter season but an appropriate colour to join spring time.

The beauty of this outfit is it can be championed all throughout the year. It’s noticeably a statement maker, conveying a casually-sophisticated expression.

Coat: Zara

Top: H&M

Jeans: Whistles

Boots: Jigsaw


Photo Credit: Luke O’Brien

The xx: I See You

The xx: I See You

The xx release third album I See You, where they explore the depth of emotions within electro-pop, discovering a sound of absolution. For Yasmin Creppy, a longstanding fan of The xx. The xx are the epitome of success within the indie-pop electronica genre. They are a band […]

Printworks Extravaganza Launch Party

Printworks Extravaganza Launch Party

Printworks Extravaganza Launch Party: B2b with Seth Troxler, The Martinez Brothers and Loco Dice Club culture is back and its transformation is bigger and better than ever   Rewind six months back and I remember a dark, bleak time where club culture was in major […]

Jin Juu Restaurant Review

Jin Juu Restaurant Review

Internationally renowned in both Hong Kong and London, Jin Juu boasts a quirky luxury style of Korean food at an affordable price. Located in the stylish, intimate corner of Soho, right by Carnaby Street, Jin Juu compliments the area with their modern take on Korean cuisine, set with their perfectly distilled colourful cocktails, and tremendous textured food of divine delicacy. The peculiar restaurant is graced with Head Chef Judy Joo, renowned for her culinary genius as host of Food Network’s “Korean Food Made Simple” and Iron Chef UK. I had heard such amazing reviews on Jin Juu and I was dying to try it out. I was lucky enough to be taken here for my anniversary meal, and the evening truly delivered.

The aspect about tapas I love so much is the variety of food you can taste, whether it be mild or spicy, chicken or pork, fish or vegetables, there is always something different. This was a feature of the restaurant which lured us in. We began with three small plates, each diverse in their unique excellence. Each plate was full of oriental life, bursting with flavour and quality. We were brought the infamous Jinn Juu’s Signature Korean Fried Chicken, followed by their Mandoo Beef and Pork Dumplings, and some mouth-watering Pork Belly Tacos. Now I can honestly say these three tapas style dishes were my favourite addition to the menu. The Korean Fried Chicken came as spicy thighs, and I am especially happy we chose this as recommended. They came delightfully crispy, cooked to perfection to the Asian recipe. Dim Sum being one of my ‘go to’ meals when dining in oriental cuisine, I was personally enthusiastic to try the dumplings dish as I hadn’t tried Korean food before, and it did not disappoint. Filled with juicy meat, the dumplings complimented each other well with the soy sauce enriched with spices. The Pork Belly Tacos hit the spot. My favourite out of the three, my stomach is craving more at the thought of this delicious dish. The savoury marinated pork with a tang of authentic spice was bursting out of the taco, ready to be devoured. This delicate creation took me out of this world, shared with apple, kimchi and Asian slaw, the exclusivity of this dish was remarkable, to say the least.


jin juu collage


By the time we demolished our ‘starters’ I was ashamed to feel particularly consumed by the ever so delightful dishes. But by the time our main arrived I once again was seduced by the enchanting aroma in the air. I took pleasure in welcoming the Bibimbap dish, which consisted of white rice with seasonal vegetables, gochujang sauce and chicken, topped with a fried egg. The Bibimbap was tender and full of life. The spicy texture hit the back of my taste buds whilst the chicken was tender and flavoursome. The rice served in a charcoal stone bowl, adding to the traditional nature of the Korean experience, felt like the food was constantly refilled. A never-ending bowl of Asian rice – A girl can’t complain!

Would I revisit Jin Juu again? The answer is absolutely yes. Sometimes I tend to be wary of commercial Oriental restaurants because they’re never as pleasant as the more low-key restaurants you may discover in China Town, but Jin Juu ticked all the boxes. There was a tangible authentic personality behind the cuisine, within the atmosphere and the flavour. They even placed the bill in a beautiful, glistening clam shell. Each dish was carefully prepared to perfection, and I felt like I was provided with a real Korean experience.



Bonobo Migration Review

Bonobo Migration Review

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It has been quite a journey for Simon Green, the mastermind behind Bonobo. The experimental DJ producing unique down tempo tracks, renowned for the beauty of chilled electronica, as well as dabbling in deep house with influences from jazz and […]

Going Native – A foodie’s review

Going Native – A foodie’s review

Tucked away in a secure, intimate location in the heart of Seven Dials, Native brings the wilderness to life. Never have I eaten at a restaurant anything like it, the food, atmosphere and ethos boasts fresh goodness in every aspect of its essence. Co founded […]

Looking back on 2016: My favourite tracks of the year

Looking back on 2016: My favourite tracks of the year

What a year it has been… 2016 was a difficult year for sure. It kinda felt like an obnoxious tumble downwards, problem after problem. It was the year of the Brexit and the Trump and the loss of many loved musicians. 2017 is here and the ‘New Year, New Me’ advocates come crawling out of the woodwork. It wasn’t all bad was it? I consider myself to be an opportunist, so my view on the latter is when all fails, rely on music to rejuvenate the dire situation. Here, I take a look at what the sounds of 2016 has done for me.


  1. Daughter – Numbers

Reaching her fame with the track ‘Youth’ from her debut album If You Leave, I felt a compassionate connection with the heartfelt artist. I remember hearing this song as a tribute to a classmate of mine who had passed away, and it truly was expressive to the anomaly of the high strung emotions. Three long years later she releases Not To Disappear in January 2016 and the album shows no regression. Daughter has the ability to tug on your heart strings with the sincere passion in between the lines. I love the electronic tinges within this track, which leads the song onto the message she is sending across. There is a hidden darkness lingering in the air which portrays the troubles she faces, and many can comprehend. Daughter is a realist, who actively reveals the truth to the world.

  1. Kano – 3 Wheels Up

Kano’s celebrity reputation derives from his success as grime artist and his central role in popular television series ‘Top Boy’. Six years since his last album, Made in Manor was released in March and his fans went nuts (including myself). With over 7 million hits on Spotify, ‘3 Wheels Up’ became the track of the year.  Kano brings back the true sound of grime through the heavy energetic frenzy.

  1. Sampa The Great – 2 4

Hip Hop artist Sampa The Great impresses music advocates all over the world with her musical brilliance. Based in Sydney, she quickly rose to prominence in 2015. She has spoken out that her idols Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill (she’s a girl after my heart!) are her inspiration. Sampa’s 2016 single ‘24’ has a similar feel to the music of Fat Freddy’s Drop. Through the smooth instrumentals, she invites her listeners to experience a flight of spiritualism. There is an essence of soul and rnb in 2 4, portraying a relaxing atmosphere for her listeners. Sampa wants you to truly feel the music in your bones, without the intensity interrupting the true meaning of music.

  1. Chance The Rapper – No Problems

‘No Problems’ being the number one hit on the Colouring Book album released in May of 2016, fans were completely blown away. Chance introduces the sheer appreciation for summer through the delight of true American hip-hop. There is a sense of bright happiness combined with a ‘ready-to-rock’ energy. It’s incredible to think someone as successful and full of brilliant ideas as Chance the Rapper is the same age as me! That’s me full of envy.

  1. Threat of Joy – The Strokes

And there it is. Summer is here in full blast and we are greeted by The legendary Strokes. What a time to be alive. My earliest memories of The Strokes is grooving to the Is this it (2001) album in my youthful teens and being soulfully in love with the wonderful track ‘Last Night’. So when The Strokes brought out yet another fabulous album it brought back mesmerizing commemorations for me. The same beautiful gentle guitar leading the song into oblivion, and once we are captured into their nestled trap, the rest is history. The reason why this track stands out to me is like many of my other favourite artists, they raise political awareness. There is meaning and essence behind this joyful track. America is going through a difficult period right now, and who wouldn’t want to express their harrowing feelings through the only possible venture – music.

  1. Glass Animals – Youth

If I could put all of the tracks from How to be a Humanbeing (2016) album I would. Maybe that’s another thought for another review. The album is bloody fantastic. The perfect flow between contemporary, electronic and pop is what makes Glass Animals so unique. The balance of pop and contemporary is whether or not it sounds like it belongs in the Barbie bin along with the likes of Miley Cyrus and One Direction. If you liked their track ‘Gooey’ you will love this album. Youth brought out in August, takes you on a romantic whirlwind through summer. A strong essence of colour and well-being, this track is pure bliss.

  1. The Pixies – Head Carrier

Internationally renowned for the beautiful, sensational track ‘Where is My Mind?’ in 1988, famously used in Fight Club, The Pixies brand new album released in September reminds fans about their bad boy stance within indie rock. The conspicuous alternative genre had almost been left behind but of course we can count of The Pixies to bring back the 90s in another momentary album of theirs. An innovative better take on the likes of Biffy Clyro and the so called 21st century rock and roll, Head Carrier screams eccentricity, joining the ex-punk culture into the lost present genre.

  1. The xx – On Hold

The release of ‘On Hold’ in November of 2016 had fans go wild. There is something about The xx that brings out that sentimental emotion, and yet here we are again with The xx touching our hearts. It’s almost as if we feel the longstanding connection between the band members within the track. Behind the soft trails of intimacy, the mixture of electronic lifeline paths reverts backwards into the heartfelt romance of indie-pop. This track is a sense of being which we can all relate to, “Now you’ve found a star to orbit/It could be love/I think you’re too soon to call us old/When and where did it grow cold?/I thought I had you on hold”. The sincere trap we have all once found ourselves in that is heart break, and that is the underlying harrowing message of the song which they conceal so well with the beauty of how the track is constructed.


  1. Armand van Helden – Know Thyself

We can always rely on Armand van Helden to grace us with the ultimate grooving tune. A personal favourite of mine, and many disco lovers, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and you can trust that Extra Dimensional keeps the disco king on top. As soon as the track begins there is an energetic glory in between the up-beat drum instrumentals. Further into the track we are greeted by a groovy ambience whilst simultaneously the soulful vocals are encouraging us to “Wave your hands!” and the rest is history. There is no sense of a cryptic persona but pure ecstasy.

  1. Huxley – 3 Weapons

Last but not least, the one and only Huxley ends 2016 on a high with ‘3 Weapons’. The repetition of circular waves lead the track into its steady thorough beat, getting the definitive track of the year started. There is almost a futuristic intrusion three minutes in, whilst the amplified sound of the female vocalist defines the track itself. Of course when Huxley comes into play, there is no means of explanation behind his mastermind. There is a lingering gloom in between the instrumentals, which is what makes Huxley’s music so enticing.

De La Swing – No Rules 2016 Review

De La Swing – No Rules 2016 Review

De La Swing, also known as Domingo Bellot is indefinitely a musical mastermind of our time. A regular resident for Elrow, continuous collaborations with top international DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer and Dubfire, and on top of that, he began his career at […]