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Winter to Spring Fashion Transition

It comes that time of the year where you find yourself in a fashion conundrum. It’s too cold to go coatless, but spring is loitering around the corner for you to go OTT on the layers. I find myself wondering, do I ditch the jumpers in exchange for a winter-friendly dress? Being a summer baby, I’m a victim to the cold. So any chance at dressing up for winter I jump at it.

February, the month of style and romance. Still set deep in winter, but with the rare sight of sun shedding light through the blooming trees. I’ve curated two winter-spring looks perfect for this time of the year, and as stylish as ever.








The electric blue faux fur strikingly speaks empowerment. Combined with a deep maroon leather skirt, the two reflect an ice queen resemblance. The faux fur embraces the winter element, and of course is super warm. Consigning the look with vibrant colour, a delicate fluffy bright red jumper paired with a traditional Burberry shirt gives the look the ultimate winter style. Not to mention, the doted matching navy leather bag and carefully detailed leather ankle boots.

I love this look so much because there is a fusion of dress down to dress up. The gorgeous shirt put together with a cosy jumper portrays a paramount winter feel, but the special addition of the leather skirt leaves me ready to hit the town.

Coat: Reiss

Shirt: Burberry

Jumper: Whistles

Skirt: Hobbs

Shoes: Ugg









The transition between winter and spring is troublesome to say the least. Shifting from season to season is demanding in itself, especially when you live in London! Yet, I find this look is the perfect in between. I’ve been waiting in anticipation to wear my beloved flares, and I’m so delighted they have come back into style. It’s way too cold to wear them dead in the winter, but this is the time where I can proudly whack them out. Cropped high waisted flares (of course) teamed with a large buckled belt, worn with long suede ankle boots sets the season transition. I’ve coordinated this look with an over-sized dazzling silver top slightly tucked into the jeans, and a long blazer style black coat. Top this look off with some simple jewellery and you’re all set.

This minimalist coat is one of my favourites. A steal from Zara which you can wear with absolutely anything, and it’s the right season to be able to wear comfortable without getting the shivers! I chose silver to reflect against the dark colours, still remaining within the winter season but an appropriate colour to join spring time.

The beauty of this outfit is it can be championed all throughout the year. It’s noticeably a statement maker, conveying a casually-sophisticated expression.

Coat: Zara

Top: H&M

Jeans: Whistles

Boots: Jigsaw


Photo Credit: Luke O’Brien