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The closure of fabric: What does this mean for the underground electronic music community?

The closure of fabric: What does this mean for the underground electronic music community?

The closure of cutting edge, electronic music club, Fabric, is not simply just the end of a nightclub where we harness joyful and dazzling memories. It is the end of an era and the beginning of a downwards spiral for the underground electronic music community. […]

Sónar Festival 2017 Review

Sónar Festival 2017 Review

It’s just over a week since the madness of Sónar Festival began, and I have only just about recovered to string a sentence together to write this review. The same ritual occurs every year where I build a fanciful apparition around these short  summery days across […]

Your Summer Festival Checklist

Your Summer Festival Checklist

You’ve checked the weather app religiously week after week only to open a world of disappointment with prospects of late spring showers and cloudy windy predictions. Now a week into June, the temperature is rising and the time has come to start getting excited for Summer. Whack out your denim jackets, blow off the dust on your summer wardrobe and reach for your trusty sunny’s and start planning a crazy summer. Welcome to my guide to your summer festival checklist for 2017.


1. Field Day – Saturday 3rd June 2017

Although Field Day has been and gone, I thought it was essential for London’s biggest festival for the house scene to be included on this list. The safe-haven for hipsters, Field Day offers the perfect balance between boozing up in the sun to the crazy energy balls of fun which is harbored by the underground music scene. A spectacle of musical glory, Field Day has thrown The Barn into the mix, a brand-new arena fitted with a state of the art high-powered sound system, only suitable for the biggest music names on the block. Some edgy artists on the bill, be sure to bring your dancing shoes and clear lenses to match the dress code to the coolest party in London. Line-up includes Nina Kravis, Aphex Twin, Job Jobse and Midland.




2. Junction 2 – Saturday 10th June 2017

A festival which travels beyond the epitome of the underground, located underneath the M4 in Boston Manor Park, Junction 2 breaks the boundaries of traditional scenic surroundings into a rural industrial setting. A vast journey since their debut one year ago, the unique all-dayer rave boasts incredible talent, with big names gracing the line-up such as techno legend Adam Beyer alongside Maceo Plex, Ben Klock, Daphni, DJ Koze and many more across five stages, ready to deliver the ultimate techno party.




3. Sonar – Thursday 15th-Saturday 17th June 2017

Situated in the heart of sunny Barcelona and rated as number one festival to attend in 2016 by Resident Advisor, Sonar is the hottest (no pun intended) place to be this summer. Split into two big parties as Sonar by day and Sonar by night, ravers are given the opportunity to soak the sun rays whilst partying to a range of the coolest music with genres that ticks all the boxes, from reggae to garage to house to techno. All types of people from all walks of life, diverse nationalities and ages, come together in the name of music and that is what makes Sonar so beautiful. Catch the likes of De La Soul, Dubfire, Heidi, Giggs, Marco Carola, Jacques Green at the most talked about event of the summer.




1. Wireless – Friday 7th-Sunday 9th July

Wireless has held a noticeable reputation, preserving high quality talent within mainstream pop music and transforming such an event into the party of the year. I remember being 17 and super ecstatic to see Kanye West at Wireless, being blagged to by my friends that I would have the best time of my life at this event, and in all fairness, I did. Yet this time round, the grime scene has taken 2017 by the storm, and in this case, including Wireless, with unsigned hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper headlining on Friday, the notorious Skepta who is a big name in the grime scene taking over on Saturday, and star of pop music and rnb legend The Weeknd leading on Sunday.




  1. Farr – Thursday 13th-Saturday 15th July

Bringing the magic to life, Farr Festival delves deep beneath the surface, inviting all five senses into the open from a beautiful collective of house music. Tucked away in a forestry woodland in rustic Hertfordshire, Farr Festival has evolved from a small time independent party to a secret society of ravers, completely renovating the fairy tale persona Farr have going on in the electronic scene. If you fancy a getaway and love to party then Farr is the festival for you.




  1. Love Box – Friday 14th-Saturday 15th July

A splurge of vivacious colour and a tinge of blithe, think bursts of colour, splat of glitter and big names in music uniting fans for the care free aspect of shared music appreciation. Love Box is true to its name where there is a variety of good music and even better vibes. You’ll always find idiosyncratic character roaming around the festival, and an adventure on the cards. Five fabulous stages with appearances from a variety of artists from genres at opposite ends of the spectrum, Love Box caters for everybody’s needs, and is the reason to why it is so likable. Line up includes Jamie xx, Kano, Sampha, Seth Troxler and Bicep.




1. Dekmental

A hidden treasure, tucked away in the sunny meadows of Amsterdam. Taking a step away from the busy industrial buildings of the city, Dekmental invites us into natural surroundings and with a touch of authenticity, where a festival truly belongs. The inimitable organisation boasts  a variety of culture and a safe haven for electronic music fans, with big names such as Joy Orbison, Job Jobse, Marcel Dettmann and Fatima Yamaha joining the party, and the collaboration of thriving broadcasters Boiler Room and Resident Advisor.

Dekmantel Festival // Sfeer


2. Boom Town

The name of this invigorating festival of fun doesn’t do it justice, where Boom Town invites its attendees into a whole different world of enchantment and dazzling beauty, full of multi cultured characters, a beatific atmosphere and a beauteous range of personality. Every year there is a different story, each chapter taking us away on crazy adventures, with the variety of  fanatical drum and bass, hazy reggae and pulsating house. Get lost in the depth of the Psychedelic Forest, fly high at the gates of Banghai Palace, and jump in a mosh pit at the incredible Sector 6.




3. Lost Village

Seek solace from the hidden woods at Lost Village Festival, where reality becomes a dream, and a dream becomes reality. Home to underground techno, Lost Village offers an immersive experience at an Utopian cove for all music fanatics. Headliners Moderat and De La Soul are joined by prolific artists such as Dixon, Nina Kraviz, Dusky, Jackmaster, The Black Madonna, Ben UFO and many more.



Gorillaz Humanz Review

Gorillaz Humanz Review

The four animated legends created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, are back and better than ever. After a long, anticipated wait, Gorillaz have come back with a bang, re-joining the music world with special editions of musical talent across all different genres. The like-minded […]

The Cheese Bar Review

The Cheese Bar Review

It’s the restaurant everybody’s talking about, the ultimate place to be, the new trend that has bumped being a vegan down in the charts, what’s that? It’s all about the cheese. Putting the ‘ease’ in Cheese, the up and coming Cheese Bar is the talk […]

Top tracks of 2017

Top tracks of 2017

How time flies by. We’re creeping into April and before we know it the summer season will be waiting upon us. 2017 has taken me by surprise, introducing the unpredictable and filling my days with congenial music. Thanks to my likeminded idols, I have channelled my motivational energy through 2017’s finest tracks so far…

  1. Gorillaz – Saturn Barz

After an interminable wait, the Gorillaz return with a bang. Teasing fans with a new age style of hip hop from their new album Humans releasing on 28th April, the band has proved this wait was worth waiting for. ‘Saturn Barz’ featuring Pop Caan has an urban twist, when combined with the eerie astrology tone to the track offers a contemporary bona fide sensation fans have been waiting for.

  1. Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4

This track is another example of why Kendrick is living proof of hip hop royalty. His words slip like silk, the effortless construed assonance slinks so patently to the ear. The mellow conception of the track meets at the optimal balance of melancholy and determination. The emotional texture is palpable, where he sheds light on controversial topics going on across the world. “The whole world gone mad/Bodies is addin’ up, market’s about to crash/” “Blacks that act white, whites that do the dab/Donald Trump is a chump”, but what Kendrick really hints at is the release date of his new album, “Y’all got til April the 7th to get y’all shit together”.

  1. Drake – No Long Talk

Making a name for himself in the American hip hop scene, Drake is an international hip hop legend. What makes More Life (2017) a ground breaking change to hip hop sound is the collaboration between UK rap and American hip hop, where Drake has recruited grime hero Giggs. ‘No Long Talk’ has a solid edge, a transformation from Drake’s usual softer take on hip hop. The track relates to British street culture, a track set to be big in the summer of 2017 for sure.

  1. Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Spoon has stayed true to their nature, carrying the traditional melodious indie rock from 1996 into 2017. They reside in a state of youth, and you can only feel simple bliss from the joys of an idealistic utopia performed by the soulful musicians. There is a stunning feature about Spoon which makes them artistically ripe. Perhaps it’s the indie boy charm that we take a shine to, the integral vocals full of character and vitality. Or maybe it’s the way Spoon pulls out a lost adolescent eager for the drive of opportunity, whatever it is, Spoon takes away the stress of the anxiety and sprinkles forms of hopes and dreams.

  1. TQD –Ghosts

TQD, a garage collective devoted to the underground dance scene. Royal T, Flava D and DJ Q release yet another phenomenal album, each track exceedingly better than the other. Featuring P Money, ‘Ghosts’ resurrects club culture and dives straight into the deep end with the up-beat electronic beat, harsh snares from the hectic percussion zaps,  and ultimately mutating garage music for the better. There is a close connection between the opposing genres which is the most promising feature of the track, and the undeniable reason as to why the track glides so well.

  1. FKJ – We Aint Feeling Time

FKJ sashays in with a romantic melody which leaves a melting, poignant mesmerisation. The mixture of amorous jazz and the smooth texture of his velvet vocals make the track a hazy adventure, creating a secluded bubble around FKJ and the listener. It is only when the track finishes, the pensive bubble bursts and we are thrown back into reality. There is a positive energy about FKJ, and what makes him so spectacular is the care-free ambience he entrusts in the illuminating music.

  1. Oddisee – Hold It Back

Oddisee has come a long way on his journey as a hip hop artist, and like many great musicians, he uses his talent to express realism behind his music. ‘Hold it Back’ showcases underlying issues of sexism, politics and money, creating a full frontal lock down between the listener and himself, as he delves into hard hitting issues we are all so familiar with. “I make more than my sister/Cause I was born as a mister/And I ain’t been to college, and she graduated honors”. Besides the courteous tone that flies with what the desolate melody facilitates, Oddisee redefines hip hop through the truth behind ‘Hold It Back’, and that’s what makes him highly a respectable artist.

  1. Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Maggie Rogers is a fresh take on the Laura Marling sound, making it sound cool and hip with her celestial vocals in an innovative fashion. Maggie makes a folk inspired melody sound trendy, and what is so spectacular about ‘Alaska’ is the matter of fact depth behind the lyrics she so oratorically articulates. The track embraces a warm sensibility and welcomes optimism which falls into play.

  1. Armand Van Helden – Funk Phenomena

Straight away we are launched into true Armand Van Helden style. Renowned for his ultimate party tunes, Helden reaches new heights with the ultimate raving track. Stepping away from his title as the disco King, Helden uses all resources to produce a formidable underground track for summer 2017. The track to pull you into the zone.

  1. The Martinez Brothers – Affection Defecit Disorder

This is the type of track as soon as it comes on at a festival the whole crowd will go wild and start raving in a buoyant aesthetic. Despite the instrumentals having a slowdown tempo energy, there is a number of chaotic rhythms interrupting each other throughout the track. Interestingly, this works well with the capricious vocals dipping in and out of the track. Once again, The Martinez Brothers delivers a disparate alternative to the underground scene.

A Day Trip to Brighton

A Day Trip to Brighton

I rarely take the chance to get out of the big city and go on a local vacation in the UK. Spontaneously, my boyfriend suggested we take a road trip to Brighton. Of course, I jumped at the chance! We got on and booked […]

There’s no party like an Elrow party…

There’s no party like an Elrow party…

Elrow is an award winning unique dance party which seeks to spread their colourful and vibrant take on rave culture across the world. Their goal is simple, bringing music to life through a blooming vision and a dazzling sparkle of innovating stories. You’ll find at each […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Today marks the day of International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of empowering women of our generation. Musically, there are many brilliant female creative artists who deserve recognition for the enormous contribution they have given towards our culture. The clear devotion and pride of these artists unanimously is revealed in their music, and it really reminds me how inspiring it is to have a selection of women dominate our beloved music culture.

  1. The Black Madonna



The Black Madonna is the epitome of female empowerment. She explores every area of electronic music, with aspects of disco, house, techno, soul, and she composes the best of everything. Music production aside, The Black Madonna lives and breathes in musical gratification. There is a sense of female pride and leadership when she performs.

“Dance music needs some discomfort with its euphoria. Dance music needs salt in its wounds. Dance music needs women over the age of 40. Dance music needs breastfeeding DJs trying to get their kids to sleep before they have to play…Dance music needs poor people and people who don’t have the right shoes to get into the club. Dance music needs people who have struggled all week. Dance music needs people that had to come before midnight because they couldn’t afford the full admission. Dance music does not need more of the status quo.”

  1. Josey Rebelle




Gaining her reputation from Boiler Room in 2010, Josey Rebelle is a music legend both in the UK and internationally across the world.

“For me Djing is about playing the music I love and being able to take people along on the journey, and for them to enjoy it too.”

A resident DJ for Rinse FM and playing for epic festivals such as Horizon, Dimensions, Outlook and so on, Josey is singlehandedly sharing her musical gift across several platforms vital to the music scene. She often highlights the issues of gender and race, and expressing the matter through music is what makes her super cool.


  1. Maya Jane Coles



Maya Jane Coles is an opportunist. A long-standing respected member of the electronic dance industry at just 25 years old, and she has subsidised so much to the music scene. I expect she takes the same outlook as her female peers, and myself, by wanting to give back to the cause, because it is a happy place for each and every one of us.

Maya has won several awards for the talent she encompasses, Beatport’s ‘Staff Pick: Artist of the Year 2011’, ‘Best Producer’, ‘Best DJ’, ‘Best Compilation’ and ‘Best Underground Track’. Needless to say, she has become a musical phenomenon by performing at countless festivals across the world, including SW4, Creamfields, and a solid residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza. She embraces female empowerment and that’s what initially makes her one of my top ten favourite female DJs.

  1. Anja Schneider



Anja Schneider, a female figure who shares such elegance with an edgy drive. A woman of many talents, she is a  bona fide expert within all areas of music. Once a radio presenter for Kiss FM, soon after diving into the deep end of the electronic underground scene, and becoming a reputable international producer, Anja Schneider undoubtedly knows what she’s talking about.

With over one million plays on spotify for her invigourating track ‘Belize’, Anja touches base with the mystical demeanours of house music, leading the track with an alluring ambience. We only expect bigger and better things from such a gifted musician.

  1. Heidi



Whenever I listen to Heidi all that comes to mind is her fiery radiance. Her music speaks an undeniable commitment to the techno scene, and there is a vigorous passion that flows in the air. A well respected DJ in the community, Heidi exhibits her sound across to the world through personal production, mixes of her likeminded peers and had a regular residency at Space in Ibiza over the summer. She takes charge of the decks for Radio 1, and performs internationally whether it be at pravelent festivals such as Lost Village and Love Box, or when she plays at commendable underground music venues in areas such as Detroit and Berlin.


  1. Ida Engberg



A Swedish musical wonder, Ida Engberg has been involved in the electro-techno scene since she was 18 years old. Married to techno legend Adam Beyer, Ida often collaborates with her kindred husband, creating an eye-opening perspective of techno music.

From her mix with David West ‘Supercluster’ in 2003, to a collaboration with Adam Beyer of ‘You Know’, Ida has retained her thriving personality to techno music. A victorious contribution to the industry, Ida Engberg is certainly a face to remember.

  1. Nina Kraviz



Nina Kraviz has a certain grungy edge about her, whilst containing delicate feminine tropes shown in her productions. Initially a Dentist graduate,  Nina discovered her passion for techno whilst studying in Moscow. Since then she has become a prodigious success, performing at a number of predominant underground venues across the world.

Every single one of her tracks has components of vibrating flows, with a skittering sonic correlation across the bassline, she candidly makes the techno sound her own. Catch her at Junction 2 Festival this year, an opportunity you cannot miss out one (or certainly that I can’t miss out on!)

  1. Tokimonsta



Jenifer Lee, also known as TOKiMONSTA takes an unprecedented stance on the electronic scene. Rather than dance culture, Jenifer explores a collaboration of electronic and hip hop music, essentially producing enchanting and alluring tracks.

A record label owner, and music producer, Jenifer harbours a sincere enthusiasm and dedication to the music scene, and on top of that she is a notable female role model to the industry.

“But its producers in electronic music… female producers in music… there’s lack of that… And as harsh as it may sound, I feel as though if a woman wants to be able to compete or show that they’re competent in something like this, [that’s] very male orientated, you can’t lower the bar from them because they’re a girl… I would rather be someone’s 20th favourite producer overall rather than their first favourite female producer.”

Monmouth Kitchen Seven Dials Review

Monmouth Kitchen Seven Dials Review

A stylish, modern restaurant of elegance, Monmouth Kitchen flaunts sophistication at its finest. Another fantastic addition to the intimate wonderland of Seven Dials, Monmouth Kitchen has built an impressive reputation in the heart of Central London. A menu of variety, split down the middle between […]

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer Review

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer Review

What a journey it has been for highly accomplished Michael Omari, also known as the prominent Stormzy. After quite some time, the surreptitious album “Gang Signs & Prayer” has been released and it is beyond doubt an exceptional construction of prodigious mastermind. The album explores […]