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The Closure of Space: Saying Goodbye to Ibiza King Carl Cox, the End of an Era

On Tuesday 20th September Ibiza saw the devastating end to Carl Cox’s culminating fifteen-year residency at the glorious renowned venue Space as the club meets its tragic finale at the end of the season. The keys to the golden gates of heaven are being handed over to the bosses at Ushuaia after its closure and many are in turmoil as Ibiza will never be the same again. Although it is a catastrophic loss for many of the party goers, DJs and local residents of the island, all is not lost, as Cox exited his legacy in style. He magnificently showed Ibiza and those around the world watching the magic of his music will never be forgotten, but he triumphantly struck such a distinct reminder of the beauty of the sound in Ibiza at its foremost time.

Pepe Rosello, owner of iconic super club Space has had a fantastic run after twenty-seven years of ownership at the age of eighty, but sadly has to wave goodbye, and it will truly be end of an era. Granted it has been confirmed that Space will still become a new clubbing venue next year, but it is still a desolate moment for the lovers of the dance culture. With Carl Cox taking his next adventure away from the mystical Island and the end of Space, Ibiza will never be the same again. This is just another reason to add to the long list of how the underground music scene is transforming -some may say- for the worst. But I conscientiously believe rather than damning the memory of what was once something that made our eyes dazzle with happiness, take this memory away with you and actively encourage those around you to share and cherish with others. The music scene will only deteriorate away if our social community lets it. I agree, the likes of London and Ibiza are not what it used to be, but there is still a chance to restore and replenish.

Space has shown its true potential this summer, with the likes of Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, Patrick Topping, wAFF, Sidney Charles and many more prominent DJs. I can truly say Space has gone out with a bang.

At the closing party ready for Party King Carl Cox’s ten hour set thousands of people arrived at the venue, some queuing for more than two hours to say an emotional goodbye. The long anticipated event erupted in its glory as Cox threw out all the stops all until his concluding hour. The true fascination of Carl Cox’s sound is how he can easily play feel good groovy disco all the way down to gritty, dirty techno house. It’s absolutely inspiring to see a man of such talent completely devoted to underground music. Broadcasted on various social media channels, the whole world was able to witness such a perfect end to an outstanding run. Oh yes. Oh yes.