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Summer in Ibiza: Float Your Boat hosts Carl Cox Boat Party

From all the boat parties I have attended in my time, I have got to say “Float Your Boat” managed to single handedly differentiate itself from its opposing rivals. Steering away from the typical pop-club genre, with the addition of a cringe worthy game show host style promoting the party island drinking games, Float Your Boat brought the unique, exhilarating Ibiza experience of the prestigious and renowned clubs such as Space onto the sea just for the duration of two hours. One by one, the glamorous and quirky holiday makers of Ibiza stepped onto the boat, all who had the same image of excitement on their faces to see the legendary man himself – Carl Cox. As we set for sea, DJ Jason Bye embarks the party with such feel-good techno sound that interlinks with the movement of the waves of the sea. I hear the sound of cheers and whistles as he plays the speedy, jumping beats which brings the punters on a musical euphoria. The bass punctures through the wind, making my experience that extra bit sensational.


From afar, underneath the glistening sun rays which shine through the deep blue crystal waves, I see a smiling Carl Cox heading towards us on speed boat ready to join the rave. There is such praise and anticipation for his arrival, as many rush to the side to take photos and rally for the fantastic DJ.  Once Cox took the decks, I knew this was the moment we had all been waiting for, and he did not disappoint. It was like observing a skilled surgeon at his operating table. Every movement he made, he made with utter detail and care, but at the same time he made it look so effortless and simple. The enjoyment of his set was clear on his face as he interacted with the crowd, waving his hands up in the air as he built up the heavy sound of house ready to drop the beat to send the crowd wild. Stood there in a brazing ambiance he made many envious how how much he enjoyed his job. The sound Carl Cox generates has a rare originality to the typical house genre. He plays with a deep house dirty techno beat, blending it with a throwback of old school 70’s house, whilst dipping into a cultural vibe to give it that extra divergence. By the end of his set, all I could see around me was such joy and vitality. Friends were grabbing each other’s shoulders and exclaiming to each other how amazing and unreal that was, with such a wide smile on their faces. Float Your Boat truly delivered what they promoted, a remarkable experience it was to say the least. All praise Carl Cox.